Web Hosting People

Web Hosting People’s website was in dire need for a visual overhaul for not just desktop users, but especially for mobile customers searching for quick domain & hosting registration & management on the go.

The Problem.

Web Hosting People’s existing website was using a standard WHMCS template. This default user experience was difficult to use and not optimised for mobile – the Xugar team strived to make improvements on these key points as well as the overall UX.

The Solution.

A fully responsive and conversion-based design which provided users with short and concise information of the service offering to communicate with both customers with and without the technical know-how.

Andrew Tralongo Web Hosting People Before


Andrew Tralongo Web Hosting People After


The Process

How we got there.


1. Competitor Research.

As it is a titan of an industry, I first conducted competitor research to identify what they are doing well and what can be improved in the user and customer experience.

2. Wireframes & Collaboration.

From the competitor research, wireframing collaboration was next so to create a mobile-friendly experience for customers.

3. UX & UI Design.

Once the wireframe was created, we created both mobile and desktop high-fidelity mockups in InVision for smooth handover with the development team.


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