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My name is Andrew, but my friends call me Drew. Apart from the professional business stuff promintently featured on the site, in my spare time I stream and play games with mates, collect vinyls and create content.


I studied at Monash University in a Bachelor of Communication Design, including participating in their international Prato exchange program.

While working at Xugar, I have designed and created deliverables over many deisgn practices, primarily UX and web design. Ths includes wireframes, mockups and interactive prototypes for landing pages, WordPress business websites, custom web platforms, and iOS and Android apps. Additionally I have created logos, branding and style guides, sales proposals, brochures, print documents and more.

While I am a designer, creating both the vision, advice to colleagues as well as the traditional ‘pixel pushing’, I additionally conduct in-depth project scoping to define functionality and user-flows in the project’s preliminary planning stages, for a comprehensive UX analysis. These in-depth documents include user flow diagrams, wireframes, comprehensive technical specification tables as well as technological analysis and definition.

Andrew Tralongo About Design
Andrew Tralongo About Technology


It is always a benefit to partner design and technology in the preliminary stages of a project so to ensure a smooth transition during the its lifecycle.  During my time at university and in the industry, I have gathered a wide range of technological understandings, partnering and enhancing my understanding and of UX.

With any foundation of web and technology comes HTML and CSS, and I am extremely comfortable in WordPress websites (including this site you’re looking at now!)

Further to this, and expanding upon my skills of project scoping, I have designed and project managed technical integrations and UX workflows from payment, advanced shipping and secure login integrations for clients who are titans of their industry, including Stripe, PayPal, Australia Post, Xero, Akamai and more.


During my time at Xugar, I have managed internal and external projects from small businesses, retailers and government-level corporations. From this, I have an understanding of end-to-end project management, project lifecycles and how each step of the processes is inter-connected with one another.

From these varying scales of this project, I have overlooked and managed complex integrations and API development work including which were detailed above, as well as assisting in client onboarding, sales and quoting.

Andrew Tralongo About Design

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