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Learn by Learning

I’ve been lucky that my job has let me grow and develop new skills. From knowing nothing about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to, what I’ve been told, knowing more about SEO than some ‘SEO experts’ in the industry.

I’m not sure how much I believe them, but hey, I’ll take the compliment.

I have learn’t more than just digital marketing though, I have picked up a lot of skills in design and development. I knew a bit of HTML and CSS from high school and uni, having coded my old website, but developed a lot of knowledge in WordPress, even having migrated this very website.

Don’t get me wrong, there were a lot of hick ups along the way (low key thinking that I would have to re-create it form the ground up for the third time) but managed to figure out solutions with some googling and help from friends.

The biggest catalyst for this has been assisting in developing the video production, blog and overall content creation with Xugar.

While editing each video, and even writing the scripts themselves, I watch it through countless times to make sure everything is the best it can be before it goes live. It makes it very easy to digest what is being said and has made it a very effective method of learning more about digital marketing and development. Even better, when I write a script about something design, or something which I don’t really know much about, it forces me to learn more about it.

Even with video production in itself, a year ago I knew what Premiere Pro was and had some brief experience with After Effects, but I never would have pictured myself less than a year later having created full animated videos for clients and directed & produced over 50 videos live on YouTube.

It’s been wild.

Some days are a struggle, but others are a blast.

With every video I produce, every blog post I write, I learn more skills and gain more knowledge; And I want to keep on learning and growing.

But in terms of what’s next?

That I’m still figuring out…

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You Are Kind Of An Idiot

Month: August 2019

Okay… So, some context:

Last month, Adam J. Kurtz came to Melbourne to talk at The Design Conference with AGDA.

Did I go to see him? No… No I didn’t.

Did I know who he was at the start of June? No… No I didn’t.

I was first ‘introduced’ to him through a few Instagram stories of other designers I follow. With raw typography on saturated backgrounds stating very candid and to-the-point one liners, I was intrigued. So I did a Google, watched his talk at the Adobe Conference and found out about his book Things Are What You Make Of Them.

Now I’m not going to lie; I don’t know why, I barely read books (I can never stay focused on what I am reading. My eyes will be going from line to line, and my brain will be thinking ‘What can I have for lunch today? Maybe a sandwich? Do we have cheese left in the fridge? Nah… I think I finished it yesterday. Maybe I can use brie instead. Will that taste any good? Yea why not, what am I going to do, have a toasted sandwich without cheese? That’s. Absurd.’) but for some reason I’m a sucker for personal development-y books. I really enjoyed The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck. I think it has something to do with that I feel like I’m learning something; if I wanted a ‘story’ I would just turn on Netflix and finish Stranger Things or watch some more Game Grumps. So as a matter of fact, I do know why…

So long story short, I bought his book on “life advice for creatives”.

Now as for my professional development in the industry, I like to think that I have vasty grown and refined my skills across design, project management and general workplace skills. Learning how to talk to clients, how to develop and implement ideas across a team, so on and so forth, as anyone would in their first job. Although, I like to think have been lucky in my experience but also been pushing myself by been thrown in the deep end; willingly and head first at that.

With everything all the skills I have been learning, developing and refining, at every moment I try to simply remember;

“You are kinda an idiot”

It’s important to reflect in what areas I’ve grown and developed, but I try to keep it in the back of my mind to keep me grounded. One of the biggest things which I struggle with at times, but try to embrace as much as possible, is feedback. Reminding myself that I’m ‘an idiot’ is me reminding myself that there is always space to learn and grow.