📐✏️ Andrew Tralongo – Creator and Designer based in Melbourne

Hi I’m Drew, an interdisciplinary Designer from Melbourne.

I like to create things and take photos sometimes.

This is one of those things I like to create.

I’m not just a UX Designer, Videographer or Web Developer.

I’m a Creative. I’m a Creator.

Here is my collection of projects covering UX Design, Web Design, Graphic Design & Content Creation.

Andrew Tralongo Design Portfolio
andrew tralongo film photography berlin spy tower photographer

Sometimes I shoot on 35mm film and DSLRs.

Photography has been a hobby throughout the years, most of which has been when travelling.

Have a look what I’m talking about.

Cut from the same cloth

Cut from the same cloth

With changes in my role and responsibilities, I’m trying to figure out ways to be more productive, motivated and inspired through bullet journaling and podcasts.

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