Andrew Tralongo




UX designer & content creator from Melbourne.

I’m Andrew, but my friends call me Drew. I specialise in UX and UI design, with 3+ years of industry experience under my belt.

I have designed and created specialised platforms for both domestic and international companies, working with both onshore and offshore teams, and consulting with internal and external stakeholders.

At my time at Xugar, I have worked with a vast range of clients across multiple industries, such as Office Choice, University of Melbourne and ANZ.

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Design Portfolio.

From web design to branding to in-depth specification documents, feel free to browse my portfolio.


This is where I get to experiment in mixing my hobbies and passions, with topics such as discussing my vinyl collection to create comprehensive automations integrated with Twitch.

Parallels vs Bootcamp

Parallels vs Bootcamp

Streaming on Mac has come a long way, and there is way more that you can do compared to a mere few years ago, but nevertheless, Windows dominates the streaming market. When it comes to chatbots, VoiceMod and numerous other features and functions, Windows just has the...

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There are multiple places to find me and get in touch. Feel free to follow me on my socials, otherwise don’t hesitate to fill in the form and I will get back in touch asap!